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August 31 - September 1 2024
August 31 - September 1 2024
Battle of Prospectors is an extreme hare scramble located in the old mining town of Murdochville, in the heart of the beautiful Gaspesie region (Qc, Canada). What characterize the event is the amount of hills and the scenery. Downhills, uphills, off camber sections will challenge the most advance rider. It's a mix of very tight single tracks, atv trails and rock infested hills. A unique Hard Enduro in eastern Canada!
Registration for the 2024 event will begin in spring of 2024.

Battle of the Prospectors is a 2 day hare scramble (hard enduro style) event.  
Saturday: 1st Amateur and 1st Expert Heat (to determine starting order of Sunday's Finalt)
Sunday: 2nd heat on different course.
Sunday's results will determine the event final standings. 
The course will be the same for everyone except for a few hard sections that will be added for the expert course and extreme sections for the pro course. That doesn’t mean the amateur course will be a walk in the park. In parenthesis: 2023 class name

Pro course:
- Pro
- A (Expert)
- A 40+ (Vet Expert)

Expert course
- B (Intermediate)
- A 50+ (Vet 50+)
- B 40+ (Vet A)
- Women Expert
Amateur course:
- Junior (Novice A)
- C (Amateur 30+)
- C 40+ (Vet B)
- Women amateur (Women Intermediate)
The organizer
Battle of the Prospectors was in the organizer's head for many years. Hard Enduro is now very popular all over the world, and the time was right to host the first edition in the summer of 2021.
Duane Cabot has been involved in the motorcrycle community for well over 15 years. Back in 2008 he organized a outdoor endurocross championship for the FMSQ. 
Thanks to his good friend and client Eric Peronnard, he has been involved in many races all over the world including the AMA Endurocross Series, the X Games and the TKO.
In his free time, he enjoy riding with his friends and guide groups in the wonderful Gaspesie region.
The major partner
Stephen Howland of Beta Canada quickly saw the amazing potentiel for an enduro event when he came for the first time in Murdochville in the summer of 2016. Since then,  Beta Canada has become a major partner and never stop supporting the organization.
Auberge Chic-Chac offers accommodation but is also a unique ski destination in eastern Canada.
Wether you're into alpine or backcountry skiing, no matter your level, Chic-Chac has you covered.
Registration for the 2024 event begins May 9th 2024.

Many options are available.
Chic-Chac : 418 784-3311
2023 results
2024 Rules and schedule (subject to change)
Everyone entering the site has to have a bracelet and sign the waiver.

Race format 

The race consist of 2 heats. The first heat (Saturday) will be a hare scramble (start in waves). The 2nd heat (Sunday) will also be a hare scramble but racers will start one at a time and the order will be determined by Saturday’s results. Sunday’s results will determine the event’s final results.
Registration is done online only. Online registration will start May 25th at noon and will end September 1st at 8pm. There will be a 200 racers limit for the event. Once a rider has registered he can't be reimbursed unless the organizer cancel the event. Registration will be done through Livelaps. 160$ for Pro, A, A 40+, B, A 50+, B 40+ and Women Expert. 140$ for Junior, C, C 40+ and Women Amateur.
You must have a FMSQ license to race. If you don't have a FMSQ membership, you will be asked to pay for a FMSQ event license when registrating on Livelaps.
Scoring will be done with Livelaps using NFC pucks. If you don't have one, you will be given one when you register.
A portion of the entry fees will be given to a local charity.

Every rider has to sign-in on site. The racer will be given 2 decals (one for the bike's front number plate and the other for the back of the helmet) and will be assigned a BIB number. Also, racer's NFC puck will have to be programmed.

3 classes will race the Pro course, 4 the Expert course and 4 classes will race the Amateur course.
Pro course: Pro, A and A 40+ 
Expert course: B, A 50+, B 40+ and Women Expert
Amateur Course: Junior, C, C 40+ and Women Amateur.
Note: Junior racers must be less than 18 years old.
The organization can combine 2 classes together if there is less than 5 racers in one class.
A racer can't register in a lower class than what he's used to race. If necessary, the organization can at any time put a racer in another class.
Racers that finsished top 3 in 2022 has to move up one class (Top 3 Junior to B, top 3 B to A and top 3 A to Pro).

The Amateur, Expert and Pro courses are the same except for a few sections that are for Expert classes only. Sunday's course is completely different (different mountain) than Saturday's course. 1 extreme section will be added to Saturday and Sunday's course for the Pro, A and A 40+ classes. Battle of the Prospectors is considered a Hard Enduro so even the amateur course will be challenging. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of elevation changes (up to 2000m or 6000ft each lap) and this is one of the reason why it will be challenging even for the Expert classes.
The course is marked with arrows and tape. If a racer exit the course intentionally to gain an advantage, he will be disqualified.

Heat races
Just like any Hare Scramble, the rider with most laps completed in the least amount of time will be the winner. If there at least one second left to the race clock, a rider can do another lap. The race clock will start when the first wave (4 racers per wave) has started. Every 1 min, a new wave will start. This means that the later your wave starts, the less time you will race (but the time is adjusted).  
Heat 2 (final) for all classes will be held Sunday on another course and it will be individual starts. 10 seconds will separate every racers. 
The race clock starts when the first racer leaves the start. Order of start will be determined by 1st heat results (overall). Winner of the event is determined by heat 2 results. 
Someone who is DNF or DSQ in saturday's race will start last at Sunday's race.

No outside assistance (except for Junior, C, C 40+ and Women Amateur classes) is allowed except for safety reasons. A racer can't be helped in anyway (to repair his bike for example or to go up a hill) by outside assitance (spectators, marshalls, crew). Only a active racer can help another racer. A racer that finished is race is considered a spectator. It's the racer's responsability to follow these rules or else he can be disqualified.
Check points and scoring
For each heat, check points (between 1 and 5) will be placed at different parts of the course. Each lap, every racer will have to stop and go through each check point. 
At the end of each lap, every racer has to stop at the scoring area before starting another lap. If a racer fails to stop, his lap won’t appear on his scoring sheet. If a racer misses a check point, he will be disqualified. If a racer deliberately bypass the track, he will be considered DSQ.
If a racer needs to leave the course for repairs, he must finish his lap first and then leave the course at the designated place (pit area). After his repairs, he can go back on the course by going through the starting line (if there is still time left on the race clock).
There will be a time limit for each heat and this time limit will be decided by the organizers. Pass this time limit, racers will be escorted out of the course by the sweepers and their lap won't count.

There will be a specific area (pit area) where refueling will be permited. It will be located just after the finish line.

Racers have to wear the appropriate riding gear when arriving to the starting area.  
If a racer does not have the appropriate riding gear, he won’t be able to race and won’t be reimbursed.  
No riding outside the racing course will be permitted. If a racer rides his dirt bike outside of the course, he can be disqualified and won’t be reimbursed.  
Racers will have to cross the main road to access the Sunday’s course. Police officers and racing staff will be present to help racers cross the road safely. No racers are allowed to cross the road on their own without the presence of these Police officers and/or racing staff.

Camping (no services) will be allowed in the mount Miller’s parking area at a minimal cost. 
Curfew to be determined.
Fo those who want a camping with services, there is a camping ground (no internet or cell coverage) at 5min from the race venue. 

Schedule (subject to change)
16:00-19:30 Sign-in (all classes)
07:00-08:00 Sign-in last chance (for all classes)
08:30 Mandatory rider's meeting for Junior, C, C 40+ and Women Amateur
09:00 Heat race (90min) for Junior, C, C 40+ and Women Amateur
12:30 Mandatory rider's meeting for Pro, A, A 40+, B, A 50+, B 40+ and Women Expert
13:00 Heat race (90min) for Pro, A, A 40+, B, A 50+, B 40+ and Women Expert
18:00 Dinner and show at the Chic-Chac

08:00 Mandatory rider's meeting for Junior, C, C 40+ and Women Amateur
08:30 Final race (120min) for Junior, C, C 40+ and Women Amateur
12:30 Mandatory rider's meeting Pro, A, A 40+, B, A 50+, B 40+ and Women Expert
13:00 Final race (150min) for Pro, A, A 40+, B, A 50+, B 40+ and Women Expert
17:30 Podium for all racers

Want to know more? You can contact us by this form.

Phone : 418 360-6679

Murdochville, Qc, Canada

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